JM Covertex Seamless Digital Wallcovering

JM Covertex digital wallcoverings for grand format printers. Junkers & Müllers (JM) is a leading innovator and producer of textiles based in Germany. All JM products are PVC-free and Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, SCS Indoor Advantage Gold, and REACH compliant. Covertex comes in 3.1 m (122-in) and 5.1 m (201-in) widths. There are no length accuracy issues since it is applied as one piece and no need to worry about color consistency in matching panels.

  • Mediatex® Covertex UPcycling FR

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Calculate Your Savings with JM

  SqFt of Application Space Media Cost SqFt SqFt Cost for Installer Total Cost Time to Install (in hours)
JM Mediatex Covertex Upcycling FR $ $ $
Traditional Paneled Pasted PVC Wallcovering $ $ $
Percent Savings
Total Net Savings

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